Why do we ride?

Riding The World

Hi, and welcome to Moto Tutti's very first blog. 

Being our first blog, we would like to talk about why you are here reading this most likely poorly written story about the love of motorcycles....

A long long time ago I was born in a small regional town where my parents attempted to own their own Kawasaki dealership, in short, it didn't last long, but by very early recollections of childhood was basically surrounded by people getting together to ride motorbikes together.  These were long before the days of 1% finance deals, custom decal kits or one of motogp custom helmet designs, this was bare bones motorcycle riding in its purest form. We have hundreds of stories, like finally getting that elusive bright blue spark back at 2am in a cold shed or wondering how long you would be able to get out of that rear tyre before the canvas wore through.  Once its in your system, its a hard thing to shake.

So why do we ride?

Thrills? Freedom? Adventure? To Race and Win? To go to work? I would answer yes to all of those and many many more reasons.  One thing we can say is the people we have met in our riding adventures are some of the best and closest people in our lives bar none.  Why, because we all connect on a level that nobody can explain to a non-motorcycle rider.  How good is it when you start a new job or move to a new area and you meet a fellow rider in the first day?  Or the feeling when someone comes up to talk to you about your bike at a service station?  These are just some of the reasons Why we ride.

The last couple of years has been pretty bleak for most of us two wheeled friends, Covid has screwed the the ability to just go for a quick spin, enter an event or even ride to work.  So, we hope as this world gets better, we here at Moto Tutti can get you a part or an accessory that will get you back out there to do what we love best.


Ben @ Moto Tutti

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